Online Quiz Mastery: Skyrocket Your Email Marketing with Expert Segmentation

by Vadim  - September 25, 2023

Online quiz a gimmick or value-add? Introduction

Do you ever feel like you don't really know your customers or email list subscribers? You send out newsletter after newsletter, but engagement remains low. Well, what if I told you that a simple online quiz can totally transform how you relate to your audience?

Quizzes may seem gimmicky, but they have the power to, firstly, skyrocket customer engagement, secondly, provide valuable insights into your readers' needs, and, finally, enable smarter email marketing through audience segmentation.

In this post, I'll share why quizzes are a must for audience connection, how to use them for segmentation, and simple steps to add effective quizzes to your WordPress site. By the end, you’ll have a roadmap to create memorable quiz experiences that help your business grow. Sound good?

Quizzes Build Engagement and Understanding

Quizzes grab attention. When people see an intriguing quiz, they can't resist taking it to satisfy their curiosity about the results. The interactivity also makes quizzes more engaging than passive content formats like articles or videos.

But engagement isn't the only benefit. More importantly, online quizzes allow you to gain invaluable insights into your customers' needs, pain points, preferences and motivations.

quiz builder

Build A Quiz To Reveal Customer Psychology

Every question in your online quiz provides data that can uncover customer psychographics - their attitudes, interests, opinions and values.

For example, a quiz could reveal that 80% of your subscribers are motivated primarily by saving time. This shows you that topics like productivity tips or automation tools may perform well.

As a result, such intel allows you to create content and offers tailored to what your audience cares about. Targeted personalization boosts engagement metrics like open and click-through rates.

Here's an example, take my quiz below.

Online Quiz Enables Two-Way Conversations

Unlike surveys, quizzes feel more like a two-way conversation than an interrogation. This fosters trust and connection with your audience.

The interactive format gets readers actively involved. Usually when people share about themselves, it stimulates dopamine release making the experience enjoyable. You have seen me do it, when I was creating my "welcome sequence". Read about it here.

This builds brand loyalty among customers who see you as someone who 'gets' them. They'll keep coming back for more!

Segment Your Email Marketing List with Quiz Data

Now that you understand the power of quizzes for engagement and insight, let's see how they can take your email marketing to the next level.

The key? Audience segmentation.

audience segmentation

Why Audience Segmentation Matters

With segmentation, you divide your email subscriber list into groups based on common traits like demographics, interests, behavior and more.

Therefore, you can then send each segment emails with messaging and offers tailored specifically for them. This results in higher open and conversion rates.

For example, a quiz could identify high-intent subscribers more likely to purchase a high-priced course. You could send this segment special discounts and bonus content.

An Online Quiz Supplies the Data You Need

Traditional segmentation relies on basic information like age, gender, location etc. But quizzes let you segment based on psychographics and behavioral data.

For instance, your quiz may reveal one segment cares most about prestige while another just wants convenience.

You couldn’t glean such insights from demographics alone. Quizzes unlock nuanced understanding so you can hyper-personalize content for each subscriber.

The more relevant your emails, the more revenue you generate. It's that simple when you leverage quizzes for segmentation!

Create Quizzes That Captivate Your Audience

Now that you know the value of quizzes, let's discuss how to build ones that connect with your audience.

The first step is choosing a quiz builder that makes it easy to create beautiful, interactive quizzes. I recommend Thrive Quiz Builder.

thrive quiz builder for audience segmentation

Choose an online Quiz Maker You Can Trust

Thrive Quiz Builder is a popular WordPress plugin that lets you build all types of quizzes without coding.

It integrates seamlessly with your Thrive Themes website for a cohesive brand experience. The quiz and results pages match your overall design.

Plus, it connects directly to email and CRM platforms like ActiveCampaign, AWeber and others for automation based on quiz data.

Other great options are Tally, Typeform and Quiz Maker (I find the latter to be less business focused, but you may find it usefull if you create more personal, fun-type questionnaires), but Thrive Quiz Builder is ideal if you already use Thrive Themes.

Check out how I used Tally for an onboarding form in this blog. There's a video and it will give you a feel for how it operates. 

Craft Compelling Quiz Frameworks

With your quiz maker software selected, it's time to create effective frameworks.

The questions should align to your business goals - do you want to segment subscribers, gauge interest for a new offer, or something else?

Identify 4-5 questions that will reveal the psychological and behavioral data you need for that purpose. Do use AI assistants to get you going! It will save you a ton of time.

Use question types like multiple choice, true/false, open-ended and image-based depending on your objectives. Test different versions to maximize response rates.

old school quiz maker

Strategically Implement Your Online Quiz for Success

You now have a solid understanding of quizzes and know how to build effective ones. But how do you integrate them into your WordPress customer experience?

Here are 4 strategic tips to maximize the impact of your quizzes:

Prominently Display Quizzes on Your WordPress Website

  • Don't hide your quizzes - feature them prominently on your homepage, blog and other high-traffic pages. This encourages visitors to take them.
  • Use click-worthy headlines like "Take This Fun Quiz to Discover Your [Business/Personality/Etc.] Personality Type!"

Only Ask for Essential Information

  • Strike a balance between collecting useful data and respecting privacy. Only ask for essential info like email and name at the end.
  • Let users skip sharing their details if desired. This builds trust that your quiz has no hidden motives.

Optimize the User Experience with Thrive Quiz Builder

  • Streamline the interface so quizzes are easy and quick to take on both desktop and mobile.
  • Limit free-form questions and keep multiple choice answers concise. Utilize page transitions and progress trackers.
  • Engage with images if that can enhance the experience. Configure question flow.

Analyze Results to Continuously Optimize

  • Use your quiz builder's analytics to see response rates, completion rates, drop-off points and times taken.
  • Look for patterns and tweak elements like question wording or answer options to improve engagement.
email marketing plus online quizzes a recipe for happy clients

Quizzes Lead to More Effective Email Campaigns

Now let's connect the dots between quizzes and their impact on your email marketing performance.

Send Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

As discussed earlier, you can segment your subscriber list based on quiz psychographics and behaviors.

Use this intel to send each group emails with highly relevant content and offers tailored specifically for them.

For example, send productivity tips just to subscribers who care about efficiency. This precise targeting boosts open and click-through rates.

Watch the video for hands-on explanation of everything I talk about in this blog post. You're welcome!

Online Quiz Makers Build a More Engaged Audience

Quizzes allow you to relate to subscribers as real people with unique needs, not faceless email addresses.

This personalization makes your audience feel valued, fostering brand loyalty. They pay more attention to your emails because you 'get' them.

In addition, quizzes turn you from an impersonal business to a trusted partner. This massively impacts subscriber happiness and engagement over time.

Grow Your Business with Personalization

In the end, all these benefits add up to tremendous business upside.

Hyper-targeted emails, increased engagement and loyal audiences add up to higher conversion rates from your email campaigns.

This directly translates to more leads, customers and revenue. That's the true power of leveraging quizzes in your marketing!


An Online Quiz Offers a Clear & simple Path to Growth

In summary, If you feel distant from your email subscribers, quizzes provide the perfect solution. As we've discussed:

  • Quizzes grab attention and build engagement through fun interactivity.
  • They supply psychological data to segment your list for hyper-targeted emails.
  • Effective quiz makers like Thrive Quiz Builder make it easy to create branded quizzes.
  • Strategic implementation ensures maximum visibility and impact.
  • Personalized messaging based on quiz data boosts open rates and conversions.

In short, you have all the tools and knowledge needed to leverage quizzes, questionnaires for business growth!

The best part? It doesn't require expensive investments or complex technology. You already have a WordPress website. You can start seeing results almost immediately.

If you found this guide helpful, please let me know in the comments! I'm always happy to answer any questions as well.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock the power of quizzes for your business today! Your turn to take action – over to you.

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