I'm Vadim, i have a job and i run a business.

You are on a journey that will redefine you and I am here to help.

I have 25+ years of experience in various industries building SaaS products. Helped bring in over $30M ARR.

I started 4 own businesses: one brought in over $3 million; another you are viewing right now, the other two failed miserably. 

Build your business. Amplify and monetize your amazing experience. Take full control of your life. On your terms.

Details about Vadim

I spent a decade working with data and decisions that drove start-ups, enterprise intrapreneurship labs, and SaaS companies.

I spent another decade understanding why people act the way they do in each part of the sales funnel. Why you don't want to be selling to big enterprises & if you still do: I know the 'how'.

Part of an amazing team that launched a retail SaaS platform that was used by the largest retailers in Canada, the US, the UK, and the Netherlands.

6 YEARS = $3M
With my wife we started and grew a brink-n-mortar business that yielded over $3M in top-line sales, serving thousands of clients.

Led the analysis and strategy for 8 start-ups in one of the largest in-house incubators in Canada. Deploying over $600M over 2 years.

Like business model development; validation of marketing plans; GTM strategy; and other

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The personalities I look to work with

You are in the right place if you can identify with the problems these two wonderful made-up people are facing. You will love my approach if you see a bit of your personality reflected in them.

target audience jon

Meet Jon

Jon is 45 years old. He's got a family, two kids. He has a solid job, and has been growing in his roles up until recently. The last 5 years have not been smooth.

He was laid off once through no fault of his own. But that shattered the belief he held that a corporate career would deliver security and financial stability. He is also seeing that his annual salary increases are not keeping pace with his family's needs.

He keeps thinking that "there must be something I can do", what he doesn't realize is that he has not considered one main asset that he always possessed he was always able to figure anything out himself! He just needs a spark.

So he decides to say screw it and start building a SaaS business on the side. He needs a bit of guidance, but he has the drive to try and make things work. He is a bit afraid of failure, but the ambition, the excitement of something new after years of corporate grind are motivating him to "just do it".

One thing that is non-negotiable family comes first, he is not ready to sacrifice time with his kids to achieve whatever greatness there might be.

target audience jane

Meet Julia

Julia is turning 39 next month. She's married and has a 4-year-old child. She has had experience in a corporate job, nothing spectacular, but she was happy. She also had her Yoga practice before her pregnancy.

 She gave these up to be a stay-at-home mom because she felt it was very important to be close to her baby in the first couple of years. However, when she was ready to go back to work things just did not seem to work out. 2 years turned into 3 and now 4.

She has a lot to give, she misses the vibe of teaching her classes. She needs to get out there, but it has to be different now.

She's a mother first and an entrepreneur second. She seeks to understand how others are capable of making money online while not sacrificing all of her time to get there. She wants balance.

 She is afraid of technology, or so she claims. She can figure things out, she just never had a clear roadmap to make it happen.

She is strong and smart enough: she had to teach herself so many things in the past and became successful. She had the drive and she wants it back now. What she really needs is a plan: that is the key, to re-energizing her inner creator.