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start a side business today

Why am I doing it?

There has to be "something more" was all I could think about after 40. It felt like I stood at the crossroads.

I was successful in the corporate world, but the endless meetings and office politics had become tiresome and repetitive.

50-hour weeks felt like a joke after being fired despite giving my all to the job.

My career felt like a waste of time without a meaningful future and not even financially adequate.

I had to get back in control of my life.

I needed the freedom to spend my time the way I wanted to.

But... the paycheque!

I found the solution! I started a side business. My transformation has begun.

Has yours?

side business

Does this really work? Yes, if

  1. You know your target audience
  2. You have an unbeatable offer
  3. You build trust, so clients seek you out

Scale these steps in days not months with step-by-step templates you get when working with me.

Side business over 40

Can I live off my Side business? Yes, If

  1. You create the right offer ladder
  2. You automate your process to scale
  3. You are consistent and not expecting $1M overnight

Use the best and proven tools/systems that will grow your side business without hogging time.

Start Your Journey Now!

Don't wait to create something new, something awesome, something that will make you fulfilled.

I am here to help you start, grow and succeed. The one thing I ask from you - believe in yourself.