Catalyze Your Content Marketing with Powerful Prompts (Claude AI & ChatGPT)

by Vadim  - September 11, 2023

"Claude AI", "ChatGPT", "AI tools" - these words are everywhere, but why? Here's the thing, content marketing is how your business projects authority .

Fast facts:

  1. Content marketing gets 3x the leads per dollar spent when compared to paid search efforts. (Content Marketing Institute)
  2. It also generates 3x as many leads as outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.
  3. Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than those without.
  4. 61% of people will make a purchase after reading a recommendation on a blog.


Running a business solo brings no shortage of demands on your time and sanity. Between managing operations, finding new customers, and actually delivering your products or services, who has time for content creation? Especially if writing isn’t your forte, producing high-quality blog posts, social media updates, and more can feel overwhelming for solopreneurs.

That’s where AI tools like Claude AI and ChatGPT can make your life so much easier! Think of them like a team of virtual writers and marketers at your fingertips, ready to help generate captivating content tailored to your brand with just a few prompts. These AI systems can pump out blogs, landing pages, emails, social posts, and more that humanize your brand and attract your ideal customers.

I’ll be real - learning to use new technology like Claude AI (or just Claude) and ChatGPT effectively involves a bit of a learning curve. But investing some time upfront to master prompt engineering pays off exponentially. As a solopreneur over 40 myself, I know how daunting picking up new skills can feel. So in this beginner’s guide, I’ll be sharing all my tips for crafting prompts that help Claude and ChatGPT create content marketing magic for your business.

Consider me your prompt sherpa, leading you step-by-step up the mountain so you can enjoy the view! With the right prompts, you can leverage these AI tools to establish your brand’s voice, engage your audience, and drive growth - without burning yourself out. I’ll provide plenty of examples and analogies along the way to make the concepts click.

Stick with me through this post, and you’ll walk away ready to prompt Claude and ChatGPT to power up your content marketing, generate blog posts, social media content, and more that speak to your ideal customers. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to a content pipeline that fuels your solopreneur success! And at the end I will share my full framework of prompts that I use to ideate content marketing for myself. Let’s dive in.

Claude AI prompt engineering

Chat GPT and Claude AI Love Detailed Prompts.

When working with AI tools like Claude and ChatGPT, the prompts you feed them serve as the ingredients for generating content. Just like baking, the end result is hugely impacted by the quality of the ingredients. That’s why crafting detailed, well-structured prompts is so crucial to get the best possible outputs from these chatbot tools.

I recommend treating prompts as conversations with Claude or ChatGPT. Explain upfront key details like the goal of the content, target keywords to include, the desired tone and structure, length requirements, and any relevant background context. The more details you provide, the better the AI can deliver exactly what you need.

For example, a basic prompt might be: "Write a blog post about chatbot marketing for small businesses." This leaves a lot open to interpretation. Instead, I suggest prompting: "Please write an approximately 500 word beginner's guide blog post about how small business owners can use chatbot marketing tools like Claude AI and ChatGPT to improve customer engagement. Make it conversational and friendly to connect with non-technical entrepreneurs. Focus on the benefits of chatbots and provide 5 actionable tips they can implement. Target keywords to naturally incorporate are: chatgpt, openai, blog, prompt, productivity, prompt engineering.”

See the difference? With the second prompt, I gave Claude a crystal clear picture of my goal, ideal reader, keywords, length, and tone. This detailed framing helps the AI generate a draft precisely aligned to my needs. Treat your prompts as a content brief to Claude or ChatGPT. Provide guardrails and guidance while allowing creativity within those boundaries.

Don’t worry about stuffing in clunky keywords or sounding overly rigid. Maintain a natural, conversational tone in your prompts. Test out different prompting styles and continue refining based on the outputs. It takes some trial and error, but you’ll quickly get the hang of prompt engineering. Detailed prompts are the key ingredients to whip up content that resonates with your audience and achieves your goals.

content marketing workflow

Content marketing strategies demand you Optimize for Your Audience.

One of the most powerful things about using AI tools like Claude and ChatGPT for content creation is the ability to customize outputs specifically for your target audience. As solopreneurs, we intimately understand our ideal customers - their goals, challenges, interests, and preferences. This makes prompting the AI much more effective by optimizing content to resonate with your particular readers.

Before crafting a prompt, get clear on who you want your content to speak to. Developing one or more reader “personas” can help here. For example, as a life coach targeting entrepreneurs over 40, my primary persona might be: Sarah, age 45, who started a consulting business 2 years ago to gain more flexibility as a busy parent. She is knowledgeable about her service area but needs help on marketing and positioning her expertise. She prefers content that is empathetic about the struggles of balancing business and family.

With my reader persona in mind, I can frame prompts to cater directly to Sarah. For instance, when asking Claude to generate a blog post, I would specify that the tone should be understanding toward working parents learning new technology and reference challenges typical for moms in consulting. This results in content that speaks directly to my target audience.

Don’t make assumptions about your readers’ needs. Do the research to deeply understand your customers, then incorporate those insights directly into your AI prompts. Tailoring content to connect with your audience’s perspectives, using the vocabulary they use, will make your blogs, social media, and other content far more engaging. The AI will handle producing the copy - your prompts simply provide the strategic shaping.

OpenAI ChatGPT example

Claude AI can help Incorporate Keywords Naturally (Productivity meets prompt engineering)

Optimizing your content for relevant keywords is crucial for getting found by your ideal customers online. AI tools like Claude AI and ChatGPT make SEO much easier by seamlessly incorporating your target keywords into generated text. But there is a balance to strike between natural optimization and awkward over-stuffing.

The key is to identify 2-3 primary keywords per piece of content that are genuinely useful for your audience. For example, as a business coach my main targets might be “business coaching” and “entrepreneur mindset”. These align with my reader’s intent and interests. Work these primary terms along with associated secondary keywords into prompts smoothly.

You can provide keyword direction in a prompt like: “Focus on optimizing for the terms ‘business coaching’ and ‘entrepreneur mindset’ where possible.” Then let the AI handle smoothly integrating mentions of these keywords throughout the copy without force. Don’t cram repetitive awkward keyword stuffing into prompts - this actually dilutes search relevancy.

Additionally, make sure to enrich prompts with details on context, helpful examples, and engaging commentary so the AI generates content that offers true value, not just keywords. I aim for prompts that are about 70% providing strategic direction and 30% focused on keywords. This balances SEO with creating truly helpful, human-sounding copy.

Don’t worry about keyword density percentages at first. Simply providing a few target terms in prompts will cue the AI to optimize accordingly. Review outputs and give feedback to improve integration. With practice, you’ll master natural keyword prompts to produce content that ranks while also engaging readers. Remember - SEO should enhance, not detract from genuinely useful info for your audience.

content marketing strategies using ChatGPT

Think like a blogger: Create an Editing Workflow

While Claude and ChatGPT can generate impressive content from effective prompts, their outputs should still be seen as an AI-assisted starting point. You'll need to set aside time to review, polish, and refine the draft text into publishable shape aligned to your brand voice. Here are some tips for creating an efficient editing workflow.

First, know that you'll likely go through multiple rounds of editing. Build this into your process. For a longform blog post, I usually edit each 300-500 word section 2-3 times before finalizing.

Start by reading through the AI output from end to end to get the full picture. Identify areas needing improvement for clarity, accuracy, grammar, spelling, tone/voice, conciseness, sentence structure, transitions, and formatting. Claude AI and ChatGPT make mistakes occasionally, so human oversight is key.

Keep an editing checklist tailored to your brand needs to streamline this process. For example, I ensure outputs match my friendly, conversational brand voice versus sounding overly stiff. I also check posts aimed at solopreneurs over 40 for empathy about challenges like learning new technology (e.g. chatbot marketing tools like Claude AI and ChatGPT).

Look for natural opportunities to incorporate target keywords you provided in prompts. Check that any examples or references included are relevant for your audience. Break up lengthy sentences or paragraphs when needed for readability.

It takes time to build skill as an editor but you'll get faster with experience. And optimizing AI outputs into polished gems delivers huge value. Budget 1-2 hours per longform post initially. The more feedback you provide back to Claude AI or ChatGPT during editing, the more it will learn and improve.

Refined editing workflow is the secret ingredient for cooking up content that truly resonates with and engages your readers. Spend time practicing and refining your process to level up results.

chatgpt prompts

Repurpose Content Efficiently

As a solopreneur, finding ways to repurpose content across multiple formats is a must for maximizing your time. The great news is that with AI tools like Claude AI and ChatGPT, you can easily prompt for a piece of content, then adapt it for use across blogs, social media, landing pages, and more.

For example, let's say I prompt Claude AI for a 1000 word beginner's guide blog post on "How Small Businesses Can Use Chatbots for Marketing". Once I'm happy with the final output, I can now easily reshape this longform post into other formats.

I might take a 300 word section from the middle and use it as a standalone social media post - maybe focusing specifically on chatbot benefits - to share nuggets of insight from the blog. Or I could pull the conclusion paragraph as a LinkedIn update to promote the full post.

With a few tweaks, the opening section could become a great email newsletter hook to promote the new blog content. Or I might adapt the post into 10 tweets to share across Twitter as a thread. Repurposing helps me create an ongoing content ecosystem that targets readers across multiple channels.

When repurposing, focus on shaping content to match the channel and audience’s needs. For example, social media benefits from concise snackable info while blog posts involve more detail. Look for ways to add value by making the format fit the context.

Prompting just once to generate a content base, then repurposing it through editing saves a tremendous amount of time compared to starting from scratch each time. Work smarter by maximizing prompt outputs across formats. Your readers will appreciate the consistent messaging as well!

Example of Best Claude AI blogger prompts

  • Claude AI Prompt for content ideas:

"Act as an expert copywriter and blogger. Please provide 10 original content idea headlines and short descriptions for a blog aimed at [Your target Audience], who are [Their attributes, e.g., "new to digital marketing"]. The ideas should provide practical tips and advice to help them [Target audience objective]. Make the headlines catchy and descriptive."

Then explore one particular content idea at a time...

  • Prompt to shape the structure of your blog:

"[Reference content idea from above], please create a detailed outline for a 1000 word blog post providing beginner social media marketing tips for [Target audience]. Include a working title, H2 subheadings, and a 2-3 sentence description under each heading briefly explaining what the section will cover.

Title and H2 subheadings should be SEO optimized for the following keywords: "keyword 1", "keyword 2".
Tone: [specify tone of your blog]"

Go further still...

  • Prompt to explore each section components:

"Using the blog outline you previously provided, write a 150 word content summary under each H2 subheading, fleshing out the key points to be covered in that section. The overall narrative should be friendly and encouraging toward [Your target audience].
Tone: casual and encouraging, write from first person [<example only; specify your own]
Structure: bullet points, short sentences, many analogies  [<example only; specify your own]"

And if you still need more, here's where the magic happens.

  • Prompt to generate content ideas:

"Using the H2 subheadings and 150 word content summaries previously provided, write a detailed 300-500 word section under each subheading to create a complete 1000+ word blog post.

Create one section at a time and when complete prompt me to proceed.

The post should provide [stipulate level of knowledge: beginner, intermediate, expert, etc.] [area of focus, e.g., "social media marketing"] tips for [Target audience].

Make sure to: Expand on each content summary with actionable tips, specific examples, and advice based on best practices.

Use a friendly, conversational tone that connects with [Target audience]. Include relatable anecdotes and analogies that make the content engaging and easy to understand. Offer encouragement and empathy around the struggles of [Focus subject of your blog]. Provide next-step advice at the end of each section for implementing that set of tips.

Write smoothly flowing paragraphs with transitions between ideas. The final tone should be casual but informative and educational. Feel free to get creative in how you expand on the topic in order to craft an engaging, valuable blog post."

Try these out right now. Use them sequentially in a single chat session.

Claude 2 AI prompts


If you've made it this far, hopefully you now have a solid grasp of how to start tapping into the immense power of AI tools like Claude AI and ChatGPT for content creation through strategic prompting. While mastering this does take some practice, the payoff in terms of time savings and generating high-quality, optimized content is truly game-changing for solopreneurs.

The key lessons to remember are:

  • Craft detailed prompts as conversations to provide ample direction and guardrails to the AI. The prompts are the ingredients - be precise with your recipe.
  • Customize prompts by optimizing for your ideal reader personas. Make the content specifically relevant to your audience.
  • Work target keywords in naturally without over-optimizing. Focus on value first, SEO second.
  • Expect multiple rounds of editing to refine outputs. Create checklists to streamline your workflow over time as you learn what tweaks tend to be needed.
  • Repurpose prompt outputs across multiple formats - blogs, social, landing pages, emails, etc. Work smarter, not harder!

Don't get intimidated by learning to leverage these new AI tools effectively. Start experimenting with prompts for short form content like social posts to get the hang of prompting before building up to longform. Expect a learning curve but know that prompting prowess will pay dividends.

I encourage you to lean on Claude AI and ChatGPT as your virtual AI assistants to take your content marketing to the next level. Done right, you can spend more time on high-value tasks while AI handles drudgery.

Become a prompt pro and let the creative juice flow!

Feel free to reach out if you need any help along your prompting journey - happy to help fellow solopreneurs make AI work for their brand. Now go wow your audience!

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