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Launch Pad

Navigating The Non-Technical Aspects Of Your SaaS Adventure

SaaS success course

SaaS founders love building and Shipping. But Unpacking Marketing and strategy... not so much

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Working Title: Launch Pad - Navigating the Non-Technical Aspects of Your SaaS Adventure

  1. Why will anyone pay for this? Identifying Your Target Audience and Their Pain Points
  2. Perception is reality: Principles of Effective Branding for SaaS Companies
  3. $$$: Pricing Models and Revenue Streams for SaaS Businesses
  4. Getting clients to your door: Inbound and Outbound Marketing Tactics for SaaS Companies
  5. "Will you marry me?": Sales Strategies and Best Practices for SaaS Businesses
  6. Customer Conundrum - Delivering Exceptional Support
  7. Are you winning or losing? Essential KPIs and Metrics for SaaS Business Growth
  8. Presenting Your SaaS Launch Plan and Receiving Peer Feedback