• Your UI/UX is impeccable.
  • Your code is a thing of perfection.
  • You got top spot on Product Hunt.
  • And yet your MRR is stuck below $5,000...

If you want growth then I'll remove the barriers

Vadim was helping me get clear on the product and service that I’m offering.  I can still hear the question: What problem are you solving and for whom? 

Vadim was great at reflecting my answers back to me and questioning their validity at each step. I had several insights into what I was trying to do, why I was doing it and who and how it would benefit my future clients. 

Vadim’s knowledge of marketing, customer mind-set, entrepreneurship and business in general was of tremendous value to me in this process.  If you’re thinking of working with Vadim, stop thinking about it and go for it! I’m glad I did.

Greg Fisher @

Just got off the most incredible call with Vadim, discussing ideas for, and it was on Fire!

He immediately understood the project, and his experience working on this exact area (emotional/behavioral side of personal finance) fueled a lively discussion.

His insights were extremely relevant and credible. In just about 40 minutes, I have a ton of actionable ideas covering both tactical and strategic concerns.

If Vadim ever indicates that he may have something useful to contribute to your #buildinpublic project, jump on it. I give him 5 starts and thumbs up!

David Larsen @

Business model Revival

I help first-time founders perfect the system that will make them money

Client Success

Preempt the needs of your clients by refining who you target and what you offer

Scale & Operations

Your success will bring unexpected challenges: let's get ready for them ahead of time

As a first-time SaaS founder or a product creator, I know the journey is both exciting and daunting, but don't worry – I've got your back.

Why You?

Fair question. Well, a few reasons: (i) years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience; (ii) I have a profound passion for helping others succeed; (iii) my wife and I ran a business for 6 years that started with a rough plan and grew to bring in over $3M.

I'm here to be your trusted guide as your incredible adventure unfolds.

Plus I have pretty awesome experiences that you are welcome to tap into:

  • Held a senior executive role in a start-up incubator. 
  • Was part of a SaaS project that went from concept to 4 countries in 4 years and delivered $30M ARR.
  • Launched consumer products and unpacked client behaviour when it was time to pivot.
  • Led amazing dev, product, BA, and data science teams
  • I also learned from a few failures.

How about we put my past to work for the benefit of your future?

I partner with first-time founders, who brought a product to market but are not seeing the results they expected, to:

  • Build the right business platform to scale from.
  • Refine your personal brand or team "voice".
  • Unpack + evaluate all the ways to monetize your product/service.
  • Avoid costly growth errors.
  • Make you ready for twists that you cannot see coming.

Talk to me about... 

SaaS Business Models & Strategy

  • Let's start by making sure your idea is a winner.
  • Validate your concept, scope out the market landscape, and craft a rock-solid business model with multiple revenue streams.
  • Together, we'll define your unique selling points that'll have customers lining up.

Marketing & Customer Acquisition

  • With a killer product in hand, it's time to spread the word and welcome those customers. (Outbound marketing)
  • You will create a marketing strategy that covers all bases – from positioning, and content marketing to social media and execution. (Inbound marketing)
  • We'll craft repeatable and automated models that attract only your target audience and drive sustainable growth.

Sales & Customer Success

  • The key to your SaaS's longevity is in answering the right question at the right time for your customers.
  • Assemble a funnel, lead scoring and tweak the pricing strategy to grow clients. 
  • Implement customer care practices to ensure your users stick around for the long haul and become raving fans.

Operations & Scaling

  • As your business takes off, you'll need streamlined operations and scalable systems in place.
  • I'll help you establish efficient processes, optimize your KPIs to maintain recurring revenue and implement performance benchmarks to track your progress.
  • Together, we'll plan for future growth and ensure your SaaS is built to scale.

I've been in your shoes, and I know what it takes to turn a SaaS dream into a reality. With my guidance and your determination, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

So, are you ready to change your trajectory?

I had the most success with SaaS teams and solopreneurs that have reached at least $1.5K - $3K MRR and have been operating for at least 6 months post-launch (preferably one year). My area of expertise is B2C business or B2B focused on SMBs.

I have extensive expertise in fast-moving retail, consumer products, data/analytics and knowledge-based industries (consulting, repeatable online courses). 

Please note I work on a minimum 2-month (4 sessions) retainer that starts at US $947.

Reach out to me today:

  1. Fill out the inquiry form below.
  2. If we're a match, we will have an intake call.
  3. If we agree that I can help you, I will send you a proposal and SOW.
  4. You decide "Go"/ "No-Go"