Copywriting magic: use PASTOR to get awesome subscribers

by Vadim  - June 6, 2024

I do not care about your religion, but PASTOR framework is a must for all entrepreneurs.

If you want to get subscribers, you need to convince people you have the answer to their pain!

Your landing page is the last stop for them.

When they reach it, they should be frantically looking for the "Buy Now!" button, NOT reading copy.

For that to happen, somewhere up in your funnel, you will write an email/post that will convince them that your SaaS, you and you alone have their solution.

Here's how you do it.

Why PASTOR works?

Let me tell you about this powerful persuasion framework called PASTOR. It's like a choreographed dance routine to get people hyped about your offer.

  • First, we scope out the [P]roblem they're dealing with. You know, that recurring headache that just won't quit? We really lean into describing how terrible and annoying that issue is for them.
  • Then, we [A]mplify the pain and make that problem seem like a catastrophic crisis. Pile on all the worst consequences of not solving it until they can practically feel the world crumbling around them.
  • But just when they're at their lowest...bam! We zoom in with the [S]olution - our premium product to fix everything. It's like a lifeline getting thrown their way in the nick of time.
  • From there, we vividly paint a picture of the wonderful [T]ransformation that lies ahead. Imagine their life or business kicked into a whole new level of awesome with that problem utterly demolished.
  • Of course, we can't just tease them with life-changing results. That's where the [O]ffer comes in, breaking down every juicy detail and must-have bonus they'll get. Value out the wazoo.
  • Finally, we hit 'em with a [R]esponse call-to-action that's short, direct, and urgently prompts them to claim this opportunity before it disappears into the ether.

See, it's like giving them a roller coaster of intense emotions and vivid scenarios. Following PASTOR's rhythmic framework makes your persuasive message practically irresistible.

Before I leave you with an example, remember 1 thing. PASTOR works only if you have correctly identified the problem.

PASTOR in the funnel

PASTOR framework IRL


"Hey there, fellow indie SaaS founder! I'm gonna get real with you for a sec.

I've been in your shoes, staring at a beautiful app that I slaved over for months (maybe years?).

'Cause this app was a passion project, not mine main job. I still carried on a 9-to-5 and squirrelled away nights after my son went to bed to work on it.

But no matter how many features I added or bugs I squashed, the tumbleweed was still blowing through.

The user count on the back end still stood at "1". And (let's be honest) that One was your test profile.

Sound familiar? It's a total gut-punch when you've put your blood, sweat, and tarry code into something, only for it to languish in obscurity.

I remember those long nights, downing coffee after coffee, wondering if anyone would ever even see my baby.

The self-doubt and anxiety nearly broke me.

That's why I said "screw it" and used all my prior experience in CORPORATE world to create the Launch Pad course - to save you from that same hell.

Marketing is not really complicated. It comes down to (1) discipline and (2) focus.

Discipline is on you, but i can definitely tell you the basics you need to focus on in order to avoid the "plain of obscurity", where most projects go to die.

It's like a big ol' life raft to keep your SaaS dreams afloat when you're drowning in the marketing deep end.

Just picture it: You're kicking back, Boba tea in hand, as your funnel messaging reels in those sweet, sweet subscribers.

No more frantic DM spamming or desperately refreshing analytics every 5 minutes.

With Launch Pad's tactics, you'll be a lean, mean, growth-hacking machine (without the scamminess).

And because I've walked that lonesome valley of the SaaS shadow of death, I'm offering Launch Pad PRO at a ridiculous discount. And if you are still in a pinch, well, coffee-money gets you the plan itself and you can figure it out yourself.

For those who want to rock it out of the gate though... I have you covered: we're talking lifetime access to 40 minutes of focused, no- BS of video modules, guides and an idea generator on top of the actual customized Launch Pad marketing plan!

What've you got to lose, except more sleepless nights and thinning hair? Hop on this deal before the offer evaporates like the morning's cold brew. A couple clicks and you'll be sailing straight toward SaaS success!"

The Launch Pad product is real and when you are looking for how to attract subscriber it is an awesome place to start. Check it out here.

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