If you know this secret you are already successful

by Vadim  - April 14, 2024

Here's the trick Followers to Audience to Subscribers to Clients. Today we're starting at number one: Followers.

Boost Your Online Traffic

Wouldn't it be delightful to witness individuals flocking to your website, or voluminous activity on your landing page?

Imagine the traffic directed towards that carefully crafted product you've created. As an online creator, crafting courses or products to sell, traffic is essential. It's all about presenting an offer to people and having them purchase it.

So, let's dissect this today.

Firstly, determine your niche. If that term doesn't resonate with you, think of it as a tight-knit group of people passionate about what you're selling, or those who share a desire to solve a specific problem.

Example: my niche is 45+ corporate professionals who are seeing that their careers are plateauing and they want more time to do what they want, not what the job demands.

Once your niche is established within your corner of the universe, ask yourself: do you have a solution, and who is it for?

More specifically, identify your ideal customer within that niche and why your solution outshines the competition.

Example: I am part of this group and I am actively solving this dilemma for myself. I am able to teach based on my direct experience in the field.

With these elements identified – niche, customer, offering, and competitive edge – what's next?

online followers to audience

Where to get traffic to convert to Followers? 

This conundrum plagues many solopreneurs and online beginners alike.

The solution lies in either owning or acquiring traffic. Owning traffic may take longer but proves more profitable in the long run. 

The duration depends on your communication skills – are you an eloquent writer or captivating on camera?

On the other hand, acquired traffic comes from paid ads and is almost instantaneous but vanishes once spending ceases. 

So which method reigns supreme? My answer: both.

Your portfolio should include ads, and here's why.

You may lack the luxury or patience to wait for organic traffic—the kind you own—to arrive.

It could take weeks, months, or even years to develop an audience drawn to your unique voice, writing style, and ideas. Meanwhile, how will you pay your bills and ensure your business survives?

This is where ads come in.

To effectively use ads, address these three concerns:

  1. First, is your product well-defined and packaged for ad promotion?
  2. Second, have you set up systems to capture incoming traffic and guide them towards purchase automatically?
  3. Finally, are your price points, upsells, and funnel ladder arranged so ad spending is profitable?

To recap: product definition, systems in place, and a profitable funnel ladder.

Many agencies charge hefty fees (sometimes justifiably) to generate traffic for you.

These two primary traffic sources can be supplemented with sales tactics like cold outreach or conference appearances that expose your name to large groups instantly.

With persistence, you'll amass a following—but don't mistake followers for customers.

The more focused the group of people you attract through establishing a niche and regularly publishing content, the better your conversion when offering them something.

So ask yourself: how are you establishing your traffic? 

You want to discuss what you have tried and why it did not work, book 30 minutes with me.

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