Unlock Power of Subconscious Mind: Success Depends on It

by Vadim  - November 20, 2023

Understanding The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the invisible driving force behind many of your behaviors and habits.

It is the critical factor that determines your long-term success in business and in life in general.

Imagine it like an old-school auto-pilot system in planes—quietly running processes without the pilot consciously controlling every switch. Your subconscious mind effortlessly regulates breathing, digestion, emotions, skills like driving or playing instruments, and much more. Tapping into it gives you power to steer your "mental auto-pilot" toward your goals.

An unconventional view is that it’s your subconscious running the show, while your conscious mind just provides commentary.

As visionary artist Salvador Dali said, "I don't do drugs, I am drugs."

In the same vein, you could say "I don't have a subconscious, I am my subconscious." Becoming aware of it gives you the reins. It’s programming your path to solopreneur achievements.

The Science behind the Subconscious Mind

Brain scans show that when a skill becomes automatic, conscious control shifts from the prefrontal cortex to the basal ganglia and other areas.

Imagine wanting ice cream, then no longer needing to think step-by-step about driving to the store—your subconscious takes over seamlessly. Those who meditate also show stronger connections between areas associated with conscious focus and subconscious processing.

An interesting example is people who retain skills after brain damage impairs their cognition. A man named Tommy McHugh suffered a stroke and lost his ability to speak, read, or write consciously—yet he could still play complex piano pieces perfectly.

His subconscious musical skill remained intact.

Knowing this imagine what can be possible if you embed your entrepreneurial plans and ambitions into your subconscious and set it on “autopilot”.

Next question is, of course, “how”?

The Power of Positive Affirmations for Harnessing Your Subconscious Mind

What Are Positive Affirmations?

So, we talked about what, but how do you access it?

Introducing affirmations. Affirmations are phrases you repeat to reprogram your subconscious beliefs and thought patterns. For example, saying “I am confident” trains your subconscious mind to believe and feel confidence. It’s like planting seeds—repeat enough times and they’ll sprout.

Skeptics may doubt writing “I am successful” when you aren’t.

But your subconscious doesn’t judge or analyze logically. It absorbs the repeated message like a sponge. Affirming as if your goal is already achieved focuses your subconscious on manifesting it.

It’s the same as seeing colour blue and knowing it. Your mind can be taught to instinctively recognize and strive for success.

The Process of Using Positive Affirmations for Business Success

And it is simpler than you think. In fact, it is this simplicity that makes most be skeptical about it.

Follow these steps to create effective business affirmations:

  • Identify a specific metric for success like “My business earns $5,000 monthly.”
  • Create a present-tense affirmation for this goal: “My business easily earns $5,000 monthly.”
  • Visualize and feel yourself running this highly profitable business while repeating the affirmation with strong emotions.

Your subconscious activates when fueled by vivid sights, sounds and feelings. It responds to emotions and repetition, not logic.

Suspend disbelief, visualize as if your success is already reality, and let your subconscious make it happen!

subconscious mind can be a solopreneurs best friend

The Role of Meditation in Tapping Into Your Subconscious Mind’s Potential

Understanding Meditation as a Tool for a Deeper Connection with Your Subconscious Mind

Then there are “power-ups” to make the training even stickier.

Meditation quiets your constantly chattering “monkey mind” so you can access deeper realms of subconscious awareness.

Imagine your conscious thoughts as the surface of a choppy lake. Meditation calms the disruptive waves so you can clearly see below. There are many types—guided visualization, focusing on your breath or a mantra, mindfulness of your senses or walking.

Start with just 5-10 quiet minutes daily.

As well as inducing a deeply relaxing alpha brain wave state, regular meditation boosts self-knowledge.

You become aware of subconscious beliefs and patterns that sabotage or empower you. Fragmented parts of yourself become integrated, unleashing more of your potential.

Benefits of Meditation on Your Subconscious Mind

Meditation cultivates presence, allowing you to truly experience each moment. Chronic overthinking is replaced with clarity and focus. Stress and anxiety melt away as you activate your parasympathetic “rest and digest” nervous system.

By witnessing your thoughts without judgement, you gain insight into stories your subconscious is telling itself. Limiting beliefs lose their grip, while positive beliefs strengthen.

With practice, you can even tap into subconscious creativity for business ideas, solutions to problems, or inspiration for artistic projects. Meditation opens the floodgates to intuition and flow states.

As trailblazing psychologist Carl Jung said, “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.” Meditation takes you there.

But even the most rigorous practice of meditation will not help if you keep feeding yourself “stress”. Let’ talk about that in the next section.

subconscious mind is the key to business success

The Influence of Environment on Your Subconscious Mind’s Programming

Understanding the Impact of Environment on Your Subconscious Mind

Your surroundings shape your subconscious beliefs more than you realize. Just as a computer absorbs the data it's fed, your subconscious mind is constantly ingesting environmental "inputs."

Negativity bias makes the brain prioritize negative inputs—it focuses more on problems than positives. Consider how dwelling on discouraging news, opinions from naysayers, cluttered spaces or financial fears sends your subconscious the message that success and abundance are scarce.

But consciously curating your environment promotes positive subconscious assumptions. Surround yourself with uplifting, inspiring media and mentors. Celebrate small wins. Keep spaces clean and organized. Your subconscious absorbs these cues that productivity, prosperity and purpose are natural states.

Make note, solopreneurs.

Your Subconscious Mind's Ability to Impact Business Growth

Your subconscious mind operates like the foundation and framework of a building. Weak foundations crack under pressure. Shaky frames buckle. For your conscious efforts constructing a business to succeed, they require solid subconscious foundations.

Deep-rooted subconscious beliefs that you lack capability or worthiness act like termites, silently gnawing at and compromising the integrity of your endeavors. But instilling subconscious assumptions that you are gifted, valuable and destined for abundant success constructs a robust framework for exponential business growth to flourish upon.

Regularly revisiting your vision, business goals and affirmations charges your subconscious mind to manifest them. It aligns all your innate talents and external opportunities toward your definition of success, magnetizing it into reality.

It works, but it must be done consistently.

subconscious mind can visualize business success

Practical Techniques to Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Visualization Technique for Reaching Deep into Your Subconscious Mind

We now move to the solution phase.

Starting with visualization. It is like a virtual simulator program for your subconscious mind. By vividly rehearsing desired outcomes in your imagination, you program your subconscious to make them real.

Follow these steps:

Relax and clear your mind. Breathe deeply to calm your body.

Vividly imagine your desired outcome (e.g., what does it feel, look like when you have achieved your objectives in your venture)

The more engaging detail for all your senses, the better. Hear, see, feel, smell, taste it as if living this reality now.

Imagine yourself spending the money, stepping on board of your jet, basking in the warm sun of a resort.

Focus intensely on the positive emotions you'll feel - triumph, joy, gratitude, pride. Let these emotions saturate your subconscious.

Repeat daily. Your subconscious thrives on repetition to cement neural pathways.

You're not just aimlessly daydreaming - you're directing your subconscious forces toward a clear vision. Top athletes, business leaders and creatives know visualization maximizes performance. Envision and embody your loftiest goals as already achieved, and your subconscious will make it so.

The Power of Repetition: Programming Your Subconscious Mind

Remember learning times tables as a kid? You mastered them through sheer repetition until they were engraved in your subconscious. This same principle applies with affirmations or any subconscious programming.

In fact media, marketing, advertising and propaganda are all based on this simple, yet, effective principle.

Your conscious mind may initially resist new ideas that contradict old programs. But with relentless reinforcement, your subconscious absorbs the pattern like water carving a canal through stone.

Integrate repetition into your daily routines: recite affirmations while exercising or driving, play subliminal audio recordings as you sleep, set phone reminders to pop up with affirmations throughout your day.

Automate repetition and let your subconscious re-sculpt your neural pathways over time like flowing water. Harness the power of drops that turn into an ocean.

Best way to get here is type and print your visualizations and statements. Put them on your desk and read them out loud (hearing is part of the process) daily.


Reviewing the Key Concepts of the Subconscious Mind and Its Potential

In this blog you discovered the immense power lying below the surface within your subconscious mind. You learned proven techniques like visualization, affirmations and meditation to tap into this force and align it with your goals and dreams.

You now hold the keys to activating your greatest hidden potential. Keep persistently programming your subconscious supercomputer with the beliefs, perceptions and outcomes you desire. Make your subconscious mind your partner in success rather than an unseen adversary.

The more you consciously steer your subconscious ship, the faster you'll reach your ideal shores. Smooth seas and anchor down on your own lush, prosperous island soon!

Applying This to Your New Business as a Solopreneur

As a solopreneur starting a new business, harnessing your subconscious mind is crucial.

Consciously choose to feed your subconscious empowering messages - that you have the skills, mindset and support to succeed. Use affirmations, surround yourself with encouraging mentors, replace worry with visualization of your goals.

The daily habits, mindsets and beliefs you repeat program your subconscious like software installing new code. Consciously develop habits and routines that pave the neural pathways to the future you desire.

There will be challenges and setbacks. Your subconscious may default to old programs of fear and limitation. But keep installing updates - use meditation to stay present and visualization to course-correct.

Your subconscious mind has phenomenal potential to steer you wherever you repeatedly direct it. Make it your automatic co-pilot flying steadily toward your entrepreneurial visions and dreams.

The more aligned your conscious goals are with your subconscious beliefs, the faster your business will flourish. You have all you need within you. Keep watering the seeds, and bountiful fruits will grow.

My challenge to you is set 2 affirmations and read them out loud at least once a day for 30 days straight. Tell me what happens.

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