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Most people are content with the awesome template you will receive.

But most will never earn a $0.01! Why?

1/ They get too busy with family

2/ Self-doubt: what to do? how?

3/ Fear-of-failure, aka Procrastination

To avoid this trap, I put together a power bundle

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1. How to launch properly

$149 value

A 2-hour four-part video course covering the essentials of any product/service launch

2. easy authority builder Template

$49 value

Ready-to-use templates to write impactful content that will resonate with your prospects

3. Unique value proposition Guide

$99 value

Essential guide for converting prospects to clients

start a side business bonus pack

A total value of      $297



Video course: Idea > Offer > Tools > Launch

The fully customizable Content Templates

Detailed step-by-step Personal UVP guide

These courses & templates are NOT available anywhere else, I’ve created them exclusively as a “Thank you” for downloading the $100K idea generator)

Why is this custom-made offer a game changer?

Let me tell you why people fail

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This Bundle is a $5,000-in-100-days Blueprint in itself

There is a reason while some fail and others seem to have money flowing to them.

The "secret" is a 4-step process  described in the course that will help you launch your side business.

Below are the components covered int he course: uncover the steps of setting up an online business, pressure-test and refine your idea, and be ready to monetize your expertise. See below for details.

PARt 1: the idea

Crystalize your idea 

  • What problem are you solving? Define it.
  • How does your audience talk about it? Research.
  • What makes you so special? Prove it.

part 2: the offer

Make An Irresistible Offer

  • Ok, pitch time! What is your proposal in 2 sentences?
  • Transformation over features. Always!
  • How do you package your pitch so no one can say "no"?

part 3: The tools

Social media and tools

  • Pick a crowd, any crowd.
  • Automating your workshop.
  • Planning, content creation, scheduling... like a GOD(DESS)

part 4: the launch

Complete your systems: Launch!

  • What's in place? Website + email + cart.
  • What did you expect?! Not this, I am sure.
  • The First Step.

don't forget you also get:

Time-saving tools that will not eat up all your after work time

easy authority builder TEMPLATE

+ A busy professional's shortcut to skyrocket your Authority.

+ Step-by-step guide to generate content that sounds like you and always hits the mark.

+ My proven system to harness the power of platforms and build a low-touch, scalable business 10x faster.

Unique Value Proposition Guide

+ Personal brand is like a magnet for success.

+ A to-the-point guide to tune up your social profile to generate followers.

+ My simple formula to identify your Unique Value Proposition that will make your message stand out.