An intuitive app that will be your story time companion

Your child can listen to their favorite stories, read by the people that love them, anytime they want to.

Never miss a chance to read to your toddler 

Reading to your child helps develop their mind and language skills. It also strengthens the bond between you. A familiar, beloved voice calms your child and that is why bed time stories are magic!

Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way of that beautiful ritual.

Many family members wish they spent more time with their little ones but...

Late shifts or long hours

A doctor on call, a demanding project, working night shifts. You're not home.

book illustration 1 story time

Constant business travel

A pilot, a consultant. You spend more time in a hotel than with your loved ones.

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Long Deployments 

Serving your country means being away from home and missing time with your kids.

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The Story

I went back to work after mat leave. I had a new boss and wanted to make a good impression. I felt the need to contribute on par with others on the team.

But every day, when the clock would roll past 6:00pm I realized that I would not make it home for my son's bedtime. I felt guilty and sad. I was missing moments that I would never get back.

I was not there to read to my little one. And I know that I am not the only one in this predicament.

Why reading to kids is important?

Children’s brains are far more engaged by their mother’s voice than by voices of women they do not know.

Stanford University School of Medicine 

Reading aids bonding, listening skills, expands vocabulary, spurs creativity, boosts social and emotional development.

The Solution

We created the Story Time app to ensure that your child can always hear your voice even when you can’t be there.

Even when you are home, Story Timer might help you carve out a moment of peace in an endless day of high pitch screaming and being used as a walking Kleenex.

So, whether you’re away from home, or just tired from a long day, Story Time has you covered: your child can still hear their stories as told by a loving voice.

The best bedtime story is the one your child wants the hear over and over again.

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Home / setup screen

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Pick a voice

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Pick a book (no books included)

4 Steps & You Are Ready

Take a picture of a book cover

Add a story to the app by taking a picture of the cover. That's it! Now it's in your Story Time library. You or family members you invite can now read it for your baby to listen to.

Attach your narration to the book

Every phone comes with a pre-installed voice recorder. It's called Voice Memos on iPhone and Voice Recorder (or similar) on Android. Use those apps to create an audio file. Then attach that audio file to the matching book in the Story Time App.


Are you working late, or are you out of town? No worries, whoever is watching your little one can flip through the pages and pictures as your voice "reads" the book.

Invite other family members to lend their voices

Do grandparents live far away? Is your family multi-lingual? Invite people to narrate books for your child to hear.

When they come visit, you'll be amazed how happy your little one will be with them because they recognize their voices!

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why we do it

We’ve been there

Story Time is not meant to replace books. Story Time compliments the images and the magic of flipping pages.

Story Time adds the comforting sound of a parent's voice to those special stories. A sound that is perfect for Your child!

It creates a unique personal experience only possible when someone the baby loves is reading to them.

Consider this as well

Don't forget their voices

Imagine grandparents, who cannot visit often or live in a different country being able to read stories to their grandchildren. Invite them in the app and have access to their voice forever.

A person’s voice, reading a cherished story, can be a sentimental treasure, well into the future. 

No more language barrier

Multilingual? Yeah!

Imagine a world where your child can connect to the culture of the country your predecessors originated from.

Record and listen to tales from another land, read in its native tongue by you or the grandparents. Story Time provides a unique way to preserve  your heritage and add to the development of your little one.


Who should be buying this app?

Mom or dad usually buy the app. They control, who is invited to lend voices.

Why are you asking for my email?

Your email serves as a unique identifier for your family content (people you invite, books you add and narrations you attach).

Who can I add to my family?

Anyone you want (as long as you know their email address).


Most often, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. You can also add nannies or babysitters so they can flip through the pages of the book while your voice plays in the background.

In the app you will be able to choose whether or not the person you are inviting has the right to add/edit or just view/listen to content.

Do I have to pay for every family member I add?

No! Only one person ("The Owner") pays for the ability to create their family, send invites and add books as they please.

They are also the only one who can Delete content.

Are my narrations shared with anyone?

Absolutely not! Your email is the "code" that determines Your family group. You will only see what you have added.

Only people in your family group will have access to your content.

If you are part of multiple families you can toggle between them and see their content (for example: you have your own family and your brother invited you to narrate a book for his little one).

Can my babysitter/nanny delete my recordings?

No. If you set up the person as a viewer, they won’t be able to edit or delete.

When you invite a babysitter/nanny, select "Can only use existing content (best for nanny, baby sitter)" option in the invitation menu.

I can't find your app in the App Store/Google Play!

That is correct. We are what's called a "Progressive Web App".

In simple terms we are a website that behaves like an app. You can add it to your home screen, it works offline, but it is not an "app" that needs to be listed in the app store.

What happens to my narrations if I uninstall the app?

Nothing happens to the data for your app if you uninstall it. 

You can contact us if you want your information deleted forever. Otherwise you can download each narration file when you are playing it by clicking on options in the player (next to Cast/Air Drop function).

Do you sell books?

We created a collection of the most popular children's books in our "Store".

Those books have affiliate links to Amazon website. If you choose to use that link and buy a book we will get a small commission from Amazon. 

(NOTE: you will Never pay more, the prices are the same if you were to visit Amazon directly)

Can I record in languages other than English?

Absolutely, you can! This is a wonderful idea.

Can I be a member of multiple families?

Yes. You can be the "owner" of your family and be invited to join a relative's family too (in fact, you can be invited to many families).

You only pay for your family's app.

Can I record a narration on my computer?

Yes you can. Story Time is a website that acts as an app (a.k.a. "Progressive web app") so you can manage your Story Time right on your desktop as well as on your phone.

For example: use your laptop's microphone to capture a narration and add it to a book without picking up your phone! 

Can I narrate right in the app?


Story Time leverage the power of existing, pre-installed apps for creating narrations. Story Time makes it easy to upload narrations and connect them with your books and family members.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not. We are quite confident you will find incredible value in this product!

How do I get help if I am stuck?

You can contact us by using the "Need Help?" button below in the footer and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Why do my narrations stop when my phone locks?

The lock feature on your phone is designed for security and to prevent your battery from draining. 

Progressive Web Apps do not continue running once your device is locked.

The solution is to adjust your auto-lock setting to greater than 5 or 10 minutes (the length of most stories), so that it doesn’t auto lock  in the middle of a story.


What they say

natalie owner of vibrant lifestyle



I have been using the Story Time app for my son since he was an infant. Sharing books with him has been one of the most cherished moments of parenthood. This app has made it incredibly easy to play back books anytime we want to hear Mommy's voice. 

My husband, who is a busy entrepreneur, loves that he can record himself reading books too so when he is traveling or out of town he can still share a book with our son!

Alex Derzhavin the solo owner of Steelus distillery in Prince Edward County Ontario



Story Time has been a great tool to use when it comes to reading with my daughter. I love that I can easily record myself reading books and have her listen to me whether I'm in the same room or not.

It plays it back for her when she goes to sleep. It's so nice to hear my daughter say "Daddy read me a story last night!"

Annual fee (USD)



that's about $0.83/month

All Inclusive Price

  • Unlimited family members!
  • Unlimited books!
  • Unlimited narrations!

Always be there for your kids. You are the world to them!

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